NO BUG: SVG no longer available as source for icons

I’ve installed version 1.7 on one one of my sites, and on that site I’ve noticed that I can no longer choose and SVG as the source for an icon element.

Version 1.7:

Version 1.6.2:

Make sure to enable SVG uploads in the Bricks settings. Then this option will be available again.

Yep, that was it—thanks! Perhaps that’s the bug: these settings get switched off with v.1.7? I suppose it’s also possible I had them off prior to upgrading for some reason…

I think the on-state did not get lost for me when updating my sites. But can’t say for sure…

I have updated several pages and have not had to reactivate the SVG upload on any of them.

I just ran into this issue. If you disable SVG upload for any user role, the SVG option in the list of icon providers is removed. Surely if someone has uploaded SVGs and the upload option is turned off, you should still be able to use them on the page? The upload SVG option should only control upload and not use.