NO BUG: Styles aren't applied, duplicated elements are bound to the origin

Hey team,

I have the following problem: When I duplicate stuff in Bricks, sometimes specific style settings aren’t applied, when I save and go to the frontend. As you can see in this video:

I have a section with a background image. The bg image isn’t applied. If I duplicate the section, I can actualy see the background on the copy, but when I delete the original section, background is gone anways. Fun fact: I had this problem with Oxygen too. Sometimes duplicated sections just were connected to the origin.

Webserver logs show no errors. No errors in console. It’s a clean bricks installation from today, no other plugins. I only work with Bricks and I did no crazy things, just working with basic styling and classes.

Hope you can help me.

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Found the error: I had a error in my custom css. I

That led to this in the sourcecode

/* BREAKPOINT: Desktop (BASE) */
#brxe-mvynud {justify-content: center}

/* BREAKPOINT: Desktop (BASE) */
#brxe-lpuwbf {padding-top: 10em; padding-bottom: 10em}

/* BREAKPOINT: Desktop (BASE) */
#brxe-njwnnz {display: flex; flex-direction: column; background-color: var(--bricks-color-ftffmh); background-image: url(; background-size: cover}

/* BREAKPOINT: Desktop (BASE) */
#brxe-bytlpa {background-image: url(; background-size: cover; display: flex; flex-direction: column}

So I guess the missing semicolon respectively the wrong custom css itself negated the next line of code, right?

I think I already saw someone else doing this mistake in the forum, so it would be great if Bricks would check for wrong custom css :slight_smile:

Hey Daniel,
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Yep, unfortunately, this happens from time to time. If at a certain point, the styles are no longer displayed correctly, in 99/100 cases it is because of this.

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