NO BUG: Style="pointer-events: auto;"

i see

style="pointer-events: auto;"

inline applied to anything: p, images, divs. why? and why disappeared for @paulzz3000 Why is style="pointer-events: auto;" on everything - #2 by paulzz3000 and not for me? :slight_smile:

and… it’s gone! wow thanks, that was fast!

Hi kappesante,
Thanks so much for your report!

As with the report from back then, we did absolutely nothing to make the problem go away. But I can’t explain where it comes from either… :smiley: Maybe a plugin or something?

Best regards,

@kappesante Are you using ACSS by any chance? I’m encountering the same issue and it came up after updating to ACSS 3.0. Deactivating the plugin removed the pointer events. Yet, ACSS is pointing to Bricks, saying it’s their bug.

if course i’m using acss, do you know some people not using it??? :joy:

anyway, seriously, this seems random and the record from 2022 surely have nothing to do with acss 3. it might be acss from the beginning? maybe, but i’ve noticed this oddity only now, and only once.