NO BUG: Strange dotted line on smaller iphones

Browser: Safari on small devices
OS: macOS

On smaller iphones I see a dotted line that prevents user from clicking on anything below that line.

Apparently it has to do with bricks adding this css:

body.bricks-is-frontend :focus {
outline: thin dotted currentcolor;

The problem disappears when I add the following to my css:

body.bricks-is-frontend :focus {
outline: none!important

Hi Oliver,
The focus outline is there for accessibility reasons. It does not prevent you from clicking, but highlights the active element. As Martin already mentioned, you can also deactivate the outline setting in the theme styles. All in all, this is not a bug.

@timmse on iphone it definitely prevents users from clicking a visible link that is below the focus outline

Certainly not by default. This must be a specific problem with your setup, possibly a ::before or ::after pseudo-element that overlays everything else - but this has nothing to do with the focus outline, which is nothing more than an outline.

Try to reproduce the problem again in a fresh installation - I don’t think you will succeed, as I cannot see a general problem.