NO BUG: Sticky header styling (e.g., bg color) doesn't work in 1.8 beta3

Browser : Chrome 114.0.5735.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS : Linux Mint 21.1
Video : Bricks 1.8 beta3: Sticky header styling doesn't work - YouTube
Bricks Version : 1.8 beta3 (tag not available)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Make a header template
  2. Make it sticky
  3. Make its background white, apply some box shadow (not inset)
  4. Assign to entire website
  5. Scroll down on any page outside builder

The background styling and drop shadow of sticky headers doesn’t work on the front end. Only when the builder is active.

Hey @mr.matt.eastwood,

thanks for your report.

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce your issue (see screencast). If you can provide me with some temporary credentials to your site via I am happy to have a look at it.



Hey @mr.matt.eastwood,

thanks for the credentials.

I mean… we really tried to make it obvious… :sweat_smile:




God damn it. I need to get some sleep. Thanks so much!!

I’m seeing this too and I have regenerated all css.

The section for the header has a dark background colour. I have set the header to be sticky and slide up after 200px with a completely different scrolling background colour. As soon as I start scrolling, the dark background disappears and there is no scrolling background colour displayed. When I inspect the code, I can’t even see the definition of the scrolling background colour.

Sticky header definition:

Header before scrolling with dark background:

Header during scrolling - no brown background:

You can inspect for yourself (site under development) at Home – Otter Vale Churches

Hi Simon,
Works fine for me:

CleanShot 2023-06-19 at 14.27.17

Please clear your browser cache.

Thomas is logged into my site looking at this issue and another one. I just checked without clearing the browser cache (I just refreshed the page I was on) and it is now working so I think he has changed something somewhere.

Just tried changing the scrolling background colour again, cleared the history in two browsers, reopened them and scrolling still shows the previous colour.

As another test, I just installed the vivaldi and opera browsers and neither of these show the new scrolling background colour. I can see it in the builder but not on the front end.