NO BUG: SEO related using Rich Text Element

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows
URL: Link to a page that illustrates this issue

I noticed that when I use Rich Text element in bricks to add a link, it automatically adds index.php in the link, which gave my site some indexing issues.

Is this an intended feature-- if so what is the benefit of having that added into the code?

Hi Luke,
Thanks for your report!

The cause of the problem is your permalink or missing mod_rewrite/htaccess settings:

Can you please check again if everything is correct there?

Thanks for the reply @timmse, I did go through with the steps you’ve mentioned in the link, I am not seeing the changes being made atm.

I’m noticing this issue popping up on other parts of the site after manually fixing up some of the older errors. In this case, any link that was added with the accordion element as well as the rich text is automatically doing the same thing…

any idea how to fix the issue globally instead of having to hunt down individual sections?

Hi Luke,
I still can’t replicate the problem.

Would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials and a link to this thread to using the email address you used during the purchase?

Appreciate the help, would it be possible to have a zoom session with you? I can be reached via

Please just send us access data (as described), that should be enough :slight_smile:

Hi Luke,
Thanks for the credentials, but I can’t see any issue.

I’ve added an internal link at the bottom accordion of this page and can’t see any /index.php/ links:

hmm… there were a lot of manual fixes I’ve done to correct the error but I’m still finding index.php links in different areas.

Weird how you are not able to replicate the fix… maybe it got fixed after I tried your solution and I just need to go back in and change them manually.

btw what program are you using in the screenshot to work offline to see the code line by line?

These are the default developer tools in Chrome. Right Click » Inspect :wink:

As I said, unfortunately I can’t detect any problem, nor reproduce it and apart from that we don’t change anything in the permalinks. From that I still assume a misconfiguration on your site, for which Bricks is not responsible.

All links as they should be:

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