NO BUG: Row gap being applied after last element

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows
URL: Vintertid 2023: Gå en mørkere tid i møde med isolerende gardiner | SEGA

So I have set up a blog post with ACF fields. The last fields conditions are set to not be displayed if the image/text is empty. Even though these fields dont show, the row gap is still there.

You can see this here:

Hi @jagge72,

Can you please share the conditions and how it’s setup in the builder? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sure thing @charaf , here you go :slight_smile:

Row gap on the inner container:

The condition on the image: (which is the same on the rich text under)

Hi @jagge72,

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. I can’t replicate the issue and I also don’t see the extra gap on the page you’ve shared:

The space at the bottom in your initial screenshot is just the padding on the section:

Let me know if I misunderstood your setup.