NO BUG: Problem with H1-H4 headers in global styles

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows 11.

Hello everybody,

I’m having problems with the Bricks plugin. What happens is that when I try to change the font weight of the headers, from H1 to H4, I don’t see any change. And it’s not only that, I have also tried to modify other things like color and other things but I don’t see any visible changes either.

Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? Any help would be great, and if you need more info or any screenshots, just let me know.


Hi @Rarefield720,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’re talking about the theme styles: please make sure that you set a condition for your theme style. The condition would specify where that theme style would be applied (e.g. Entire site). You can read more about theme styles conditions here: Theme Styles – Bricks Academy.

I hope that helps!

Hello, and thank you for replying.

Yes, I am referring to the theme styles. The first thing I did was to apply the state to the Entire site, but the strange thing is that, although the changes are not reflected in the H1 to H4 headings, I do see them in H5 and H6. This confuses me a bit, as I was expecting consistency in the application of the styles to all headings.

In the screenshot I show the configuration of the H1 style and in the font weight I have set it to 700 but it looks as if it were in 400.

The screenshots are in Spanish, I hope it is not a problem.

I just saw that the font weight is associated with the HTML tag in the header. So if I put H5 or H6 instead of putting “font weight” in the header font style, it directly defaults to “700”. I don’t know if it’s my mistake or the plugin’s error, but I have checked my theme styles and I haven’t found anything strange.

Hi @Rarefield720,

Could you please share the URL of that page?

Lo siento soy nuevo en bricks y no se exactamente que URL debo compartir.
Es esta?: Próximamente

No worries :slight_smile:

Just any URL where you have an H1 tag on the page where the font weight is not the same as the one specified in the theme styles.

Alternatively, you could also share temporary admin credentials over email and I can log in to investigate.

Ok. I have just set in theme styles that the H1 should be in montserrat font with 900 weight and yellow color. Tell me what email you want me to use to give you temporary access to the wordpress administrator.

You can share temporary admin access details to with a link to this thread.

I have emailed you access to the NVUcartagena site. I don’t know exactly how to share access details to the administrator via a link in this thread.

Thank you for sharing access. I was able to login and yeah I see what you’re talking about.

Upon inspection, seems like there’s this “.hostinger” class overriding the theme styles:

And if I just disable the font-weight of that class, you’ll see that the theme styles defined values take effect:

I’m assuming the extra styling is coming from the “Hostinger” plugin? Try disabling the plugin and see if it’s resolved.

Wow thank you very much for that. I guess I’ll be able to remove the plugin so everything works correctly.

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