NO BUG: Probably a bad design of the nestable slider

I want to use Slider (Nestable), it works ok, but either I don’t understand something or the item has a logic error in the configuration:


How do I set simultaneously to make the Slider work in a loop AND use the Fade effect for transitions between images?

In my opinion, the Loop function should be a separate switch (bool type).

Hi @jaclas,

there is no bug. According to splidejs documentation there are 3 types of slider “Loop, Slide, Fade”.

If you need to loop fade you need to enable rewind option. Anyway if you want you may take a look at splide docs.

Thanks a lot!

Anyway I think it is badly designed. Unintuitive.

Hi @jaclas,

Yup as @MartinWB mentioned that’s just how Splide has implemented it, so not a bug here.

I’m not saying the bug is in Bricks, I think Splide has a design flaw, this is my personal opinion, it doesn’t apply to Bricks :slight_smile:

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