NO BUG: Possible bug in the text link element in the nav nestable element

Browser: Chrome 117
OS: Windows

Hi bricks team,

I use the css code to create a hover effect in all items of the nav nestable element. This code targets all <li> inside the nav nestable element. Also, for the code to work well, all positions of all <li> should be relative.
But the problem is that if we set the position to relative in the text link element, this code will not be applied to the parent div. This makes the code not work well.

But if we use the text link outside the nestable nav element, there is no problem. In fact, the relative position should be applied to the parent div (green arrow in the image above).


Hi Jolia,
Thanks so much for your report!

The li tags are added automatically, which means that the styles automatically end up on the outer selector (the li).

You can easily work around this problem by wrapping the text link in a div and changing its tag to li, giving you full control over which styles end up where.

The markup remains the same and no automatic li tags are inserted.

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