NO BUG: Off-Canvas Mobile Menu doesnt close after clicking an anchor link on onepager

Browser: Chrome 110
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Ive made an Mobile Menu using the Off-Canvas Element. Since i use CSS anchors for my onepager navigation, i have the issue, that it seems like the off-canvas doesnt close after scrolling down to my last section. funny enough it works on all other sections and anchor links.

On the last link (contact section) its scrolls down as expected, but then its not possible to scroll.
If i activate body scroll in the off-canvas, i can scroll, but the menu is there and needs to be closed every time. How can i get rid of this problem? Would be nice to have help with this.


Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much for your report!

Can you provide me with a live link?

Best regards,

Thanks for your answer.

Somehow the anchor link worked as expected as soon as i deleted the old one and created new ones.

So somehow its fixed for me now and i cant reproduce the issue.

best regards and thanks for this nice builder.

Ok, strange but nice :slight_smile:
Please report here if the problem occurs again.

I am currently experiencing this issue.

Browser: Chrome 117 + Safari 16.6
OS: macOS Ventura
Video: LINK
Bricks: 1.9.1

Single page site, with internal anchor #links in menu.
On mobile responsive widths, I am toggling an off-canvas menu.

When you click on a menu link, the page scrolls into position (I use a semi-transparent background color just to see), but the off-canvas menu does not toggle off.

I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the text-links.

ALSO NOTE in the video, that when I manually close the off-canvas menu, the page scrolls back to the top (which defeats the purpose of scrolling to an anchor) :slight_smile:

Hi Yalcin,
The problem is not identical. This report was about anchor links in the menu, not text links.

Can you swap your text links for the menu element? Then it should work as expected.

We need to see if we can implement the logic for simple text links as well.

Thanks @timmse

Yes, that fixes it.
However I need to use off-canvas menu, as I will have use different content for mobile menus.

Yes, but within the offcanvas element, you can still use the regular menu and deactivate the mobile menu.

I am now using the Nav (nestable) element inside the offcanvas element.
I’ve added my nav links.

For the Mobile menu, I’ve set it to “Show at breakpoint = never”.

I am still having the same problem – clicking on a nav link in off-canvas view scrolls the page, but does not hide the offcanvas element. Clicking close (or pressing ESC) scrolls the page back to the top.

I’ve even swapped the nestable with the regular menu.
Same result.

I want to use off canvas because I will merge two separate desktop menus into the one mobile menu (which I can’t do using the usual nav methods).

I’ve had to move things around and use a single menu, so that I no longer need offcanvas – just to avoid this issue.

Hi Yalcin,
we won’t get anywhere like this, especially if you regularly change the elements or websites (the link you gave eight days ago is an entirely different website than the one in your last screenshot), making it pretty hard to follow.

Would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials, a link to this thread, and short information on what you want to achieve to using the email address you used during the purchase?

Apologies for the confusion…

In my recent screenshot I was only trying to show you an example of split nav I was trying to set up: Two separate nav elements, with the logo in the middle.

It seems the only way to build this, is with an off canvas element, so that I can offer a merged menu in the mobile nav view.

This method works fine for usual links, but has issues closing the offcanvas when #anchor links are used. I have tested both nav menu and nav nested elements inside the offcanvas element. Neither have worked.

Here’s a link to the page depicted in the screenshot.

I’ve created a user and sent login details to

Thank you.

Hi Yalcin,
Thank you for the access data. Your problem is the one already reported here: WIP: Nested Nav Mobile Menu hash links not working - #2 by charaf

We are working on it :v: