NO BUG: Odd behaviour with infinite scroll on a query loop

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I’m experiencing some very odd behaviour when using “infinite scroll” on a query loop on the user list.

If I toggle infinite scroll to ON, some of the member profile cards are listed twice, some are listed not at all.

If I leave the toggle ON but define the number of posts to show (say 100) then each card is listed with no problems. Remove the number and we go back to having problems with cards not showing and some cards showing twice.

Hi Ian,
Thanks so much for your report!

This is because you have set the order to “random”. WordPress generally has problems with this, even without infinite scroll. For this reason, we have introduced the “Random seed TTL” setting, see: Query Loop – Bricks Academy

Random seed TTL: Duration in minutes for which the random seed exists. Set to prevent duplicate post results (only needed & available when using a random order query loop).

If you set the TTL to 10 minutes the query result remains the same for the next 10 minutes. This ensures that no duplicate posts are displayed on different pages or when the infinite scroll is active.

Let me know if this works for you. Until then, I’ll mark the report as “no bug”.

Best regards,