NO BUG: New Update Seems To Break SVGs Even With Verified Code

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
URL: https[:]//www[.]yournewdoor[.]com/door-repairs-weatherford-tx/

This new update seems to be causing problems with my site, it took my Ahrefs SEO score from 100 down to 21, because apparently I’m now linking to a bunch of 404 images. These links say “you’ve been blocked” so I can’t even see what the destination is, I’ve never linked to W3 in my life. The url has “svg” in it leading me to believe it’s my SVG icons on the pages, yet those icons are still displaying correctly, and as you can see in the second screenshot, all code has been verified with signatures.

Can anyone help? I really don’t wanna take a massive SEO hit I’ve been putting in ridiculous hours into this website.

It’s likely to do with some of your SVGs on that page and I suspect that the SVGs may not be encoded properly or may be referencing paths outside of your website, which that specific 403 error appears to indicate. I would try to re-edit those svg files and re-save/re-create them in an image editing tool and re-upload them. I don’t believe Bricks’s recent updates would have triggered this but I’m unsure.

Thank you digisavvy. The weird thing is, I’ve done nothing to touch these SVGs in months, so I can’t understand what would cause them to change, and the only thing that is new is the Bricks Update. Thanks for your input digisavvy I really appreciate your time.

No problem! I don’t have a specific answer for why this happened and I don’t know for sure it wasn’t Bricks update, although I strongly doubt it (I could be wrong). But from my end, when I look at the console on the page I see this: - regardless, I was try to recreate those SVGs and replace the ones up there.

At this point, I think there could possibly some sort of permissions issue serving those svgs, but I’m unsure about that or what might trigger that. (from network tab in inspector tools).

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Welcome to the forum!

It’s difficult to say from a distance, but I can’t see any errors at the moment (I did a few minutes ago). Have you already been able to solve the problem, and did it have anything to do with Cloudflare?

I have not been able to solve the problem at, at this point I’m gonna try deleting the SVGs and reuploading them to see if that fixes it

How do I get in contact with people who actually work at Bricks? I’ve just gone through this with my host and they are saying it seems to be a theme issue

Have you already ruled out a cloudflare problem by completely deactivating cloudflare?

If that doesn’t work either, would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials and a link to this thread to using the email address you used during the purchase? Then we can take it from there.

Just sent it @timmse , I’m with Kinsta as my server host and they said that cloudflare is unable to be deactivated as it is integrated with Kinsta, but I sent you the login information.

Hi @devdawg ,
Thanks for the access data!

The problem seems to have been solved as if by magic, as I no longer see any error messages.

I am relatively sure that the problematic SVGs are lazy loading placeholders from WPRocket. If the problem persists, please deactivate WPRocket’s lazy loading and test again.

Wow I hope so! That would be awesome! Let me run an Ahrefs scan and I’ll report back when it’s done, it’ll be about 3 hours

Man what in tarnation, it really did solve itself, that is the weirdest thing. I’m grateful the problem is gone, I wish we identified what caused it for future reference, but hopefully this is never needed again in the future. Thank you so much @timmse / Stefan for helping me, I wholeheartedly appreciate it, what a great community. Thanks again.

You’re welcome, I’m glad it’s fixed :slight_smile:

As I said, if the problem occurs again, please deactivate WPRocket lazy loading and run the test again :v: