NO BUG: My Animation Bugs .. Please help me

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows
URL: Latihan – parta
Video: bandicam 2023-11-17 21-36-53-806.mp4 - Google Drive

I have set the animation time to 2 seconds and a delay time of 0.25, but the animation moves very quickly. I investigated the issue using inspect element, and it appears that the animation time is showing as 1ms.

I also tried using custom CSS, but it didn’t work.

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At first, I couldn’t reproduce the issue and thought you were able to fix it. But upon inspecting your video, it seems that the ‘reduced motion’ setting on your computer is impacting the animation timing. This is designed to minimize the amount of animation and motion for users who prefer a simpler interface due to various reasons, including accessibility.

To resolve this, you can adjust the ‘reduced motion’ setting on your computer (steps on how to do so would depend on your OS).

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