NO BUG: Menu icons not inline with menu text

Bricks Version: 1.6.2

I set the menu icon from the navmenu element, but it is not getting inlined with the menu text.
Can anyone understand why ?

Hi Yannis,

I am not able to replicate this issue.

Could you please provide a link to that page?
It could be insufficient width for the Nav Menu causing this issue.



Any news about this ?

Hi @ysintos ,

Based on the inspection trough frontend, your logo, nav menu, and search form was wrapped into 3 different block elements.

This means 3 blocks tried to get 100% width, and nav menu still not enough space for the icon, causing it to be forced into next line.

Suggest you remove the blocks and just place those elements directly or use Flex basis settings on the block elements or use width to control the blocks.


Thank you a lot !!