NO BUG: Mega menu opens wrongly

Browser: Chrome
in the latest version, when i hover the mouse in the mega menu area (not the link), it opens automatically, plz watch the video:

Hi Mehdi,
Thanks so much for your report!

It looks like the transition is not finished yet, so the megamenu is still there. Remove the transition or shorten the transition-duration and see if the problem still exists.

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Well you are right. i had a form in the mega menu and it has transition. also my nav links and social icons have transition too.
i thought the only thing is important is the transition of the megamenu it self not the elements inside it.
i dont know its a bug or sth need to be improved :slight_smile:

Neither, as the process is technically not possible otherwise. After the transition is finished, the visibility of the megamenu is set to hidden. This is not possible beforehand because the transition would then no longer be visible. The same applies to display, where the transition does not take effect at all because the element is no longer directly visible.

I was having this same issue, but I didn’t have any form in the menu. Andre helped my issue with some code - here’s the link to that post if you still need help.