NO BUG: Mega Menu doesnt work with more than 2 mega-enabled dropdowns

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
URL: Jam

I add the first mega with content - fine
I add second dropdown with mega enabled contact - fine
I add a 3rd one and when it renders - the caret is underneath - and no hover action, and the first or second mega content - font is all italics and bold???

Hi @Nenno,

Hmm yeah that’s strange. Could you please deactivate all plugins?

If the issue persists, could you please share temporary admin access to with a link to this forum thread?

Have done so - the plugins deactivated makes no difference. Sent them access Examining the HTML there seems to be a div called em that comes on from I know not where - have been battling this for days. Many thanks

Hi there I have had zero response from Bricks - nothing at all, not even a message to say they are looking at it - what do you suggest I do, please.

Hi @Nenno,

In the email inbox, I can only see 2 emails with a link to this thread without admin credentials details.

Can you please share “temporary admin access” meaning the username & password to a user account on your website with an “Administrator” role? This is so that we can log in to the website to investigate what the issue might be and help you.

sent another message.

Hi @Nenno,

The issue is due to a bunch of <strong> & <em> tags throughout the template that are left unclosed. Here are 2 examples:

I have removed the instances above in the template “bricks-support-test” on your website so you can inspect it and copy the section if that’s what you’re looking for.

thanks for pointing that out but does not seem to help - see when I added another dropdown it corrupts still

Most likely there’s still an unclosed <em> tag in the “MORE” dropdown. Notice how the “still more” is italic (just like “MORE” was bold & italic previously). You need to make sure there are no unclosed <em> or <strong> tags.

No I check all that but what i did find is I build the grid on another page and then copy and paste into the MM and it doesnt like that at all - if I build it in the Mega, piece by piece then seemingly no problem - so that’s the route I will go thank you very much for your help. Which is the main CSS file for bricks? I think it would be advisable to lint it from time to time