NO BUG: JetFormBuilder Query Variable not working in Bricks (_post_id)

Browser: Chrome Latest
OS: Windows 10/11
Bricks Version :
Video: Jam

I’am using jet form builder with bricks but URL query Variable is not working. Please check the video.


Thanks so much for your report!

Have you ever tested if it works with another theme (e.g. TwentyTwentyThree)? I don’t know in which context this should be related to Bricks :thinking:

If it does not work in other themes you should contact Crocoblock support.

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Thankyou for your prompt response.

I’m encountering an issue when attempting to pass a query parameter to the default page rather than the Profile Builder one. Allow me to clarify:

We are unable to use the Profile Builder for our purposes as it currently does not support Bricks templates within Jet Engine Profile Builder. Consequently, I have created a static page with the slug “account-info.” Using Bricks Builder, I have set up a listing and passed the current post ID as follows:

As a result, my URL appears as However, when I add this query variable in Jet Form Builder, it fails to capture the ID assigned to that variable. I would greatly appreciate it if you could assist in identifying the issue or guiding me on using templates within Profile Builder.

Thank you for your help.

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Unfortunately I have no experience with the JetEngine Profile Builder (which is not possible with the amount of Croco plugins, add-ons and co).

I repeat the question again: does it work with another theme (or builder)? You should be able to test that relatively easily.

If yes, please record a video explaining as simply but detailed as possible (with sound please, regardless of your english skills) what you want to do, so we can replicate the problem.

You can send the video together with access data and a link to this thread to :v:


I have observed that the current setup is functioning properly with Elementor templates when integrated with JetEngine profile builder. However, it seems that the issue arises when utilizing a static page. We anticipate the compatibility of Bricks with Crocoblock plugins. Thank you for your invaluable assistance. Please consider this matter resolved.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback. If we can solve problems we try to do our best, but it’s often out of our hands - especially regarding third-party plugins :slight_smile:

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