NO BUG: Issue with Page Display After Migrating Website Developed with Bricks Builder and Roots/Bedrock

Browser: Chrome 110
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I recently developed a website using Bricks Builder and Roots/Bedrock. Everything functions perfectly on my local server. However, I’m encountering an issue with the display of pages after attempting a manual migration.

I suspect the issue is related to Bricks Builder because I faced a similar problem when manually migrating another WordPress site with Bricks only some time ago. Previously, I used the Duplicator plugin for migrations, but since I switched to using Bedrock, I can no longer use it.

Could you offer any guidance on resolving this migration issue?

Thank you.

Unable to wait any longer, I simply copied and pasted all the pages… Nevertheless, I’m still waiting for an answer as to why the pages with bricks are not displaying?

Edit : In the end, it didn’t work as I’d hoped, so I put the database back as migrated. I understand from my research that the problem stems from the serialization of the data in the database.

Hi @ThaliaLionheart ,

This depends on the way your tool handles the database.
If it doesn’t handle the serialized data properly, the data will be corrupted and an empty canvas will be showing when editing with Bricks.

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I will mark this thread as NO BUG as it’s related to the migration tool you are using.

Tools that are recommended:
Manual - can try this Best practice for migration - #7 by timmse


Just a note… I used Migrate Guru (from Blog Vault) and I noticed it had issues with emoji’s during migration. On the new website all the emojis that was within bricks content (like a headline, basic and rich text elements) showed just


but interesting enough the Gutenberg content on the same website that had emojis, migrated over fine.

Is that because the Gutenberg content was post content and that Bricks stores it’s data searlized?