NO BUG: Images keep disappearing

Images appear to keep disappearing when selected for background on sections.

The image are there but you can’t see them as per screen shot.

@itchycode … maybe this is the same issue as we have been discussing a few days ago via mail.

Could be worth taking a closer look what’s going on … what do you think. Sounds similar!

If you need my assistance, would be happy to help!


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I think it’s related to the section/ container/ block where you can set a background image. For now we have inserted an actual image into the area which seems to work correctly.

Be good to have this issue fixed as it does limit your website design when all the images disappear :frowning:

Hi Josh,

May I know if the issue is reproducible?
If this website did a migration before? Like from staging to live, from domain A to domain B?
If it’s still there, could you please provide a link to that page?

@beziehungsweise ,
Thanks for the highlight :slight_smile: Yup, looks the same issue to me :slight_smile:


Hi, curious… is there any reason you MUST use images as background?

I discovered using images as an element for backgrounds courtesy of @digitalgravy and cannot look back. There are so much pros with this, some are:

  • faster load times
  • uses SRCset, which delivers the images in correct size depending on viewport
  • easier to pick up by CDNs and image services like shortpixel which produces webp versions, etc.
  • provides SEO benefits as alt tag for image is shown to search engines

would be curious to know your needs.


any links to that approach?

The page was already soft launched so not sure what the issue is other than the image disappears over time :frowning:

Setting the image on the column makes it responsive based on the content. It also doesn’t affect load time as the images are lazy loaded already. The images are also the correct size and have been converted to WEBP. Imagery should also have alt tags included via WordPress which still will be picked up.

Its not a MUST but it is basic functionality of bricks so hence the reason for a bug report as it is a bug…

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the update.
Yes, if you migrate or changed the domain from A to B, it might cause the image to disappear, IF your migration plugin doesn’t replace the image URL completely.

Let me share Michael’s issue.

Michael did a migration from domain A to B and used a plugin to search & replace the domains URL.
All looks good for a period of time.
Until the domain A website shutdown/deleted, and he found some background images missing in frontend and backend just like your screenshot.

After investigation, found the background image still using the domain A URL via dev tools.
And that’s the reason the image seems “missing” and looks like a bug.

May I know if you have encountered a similar situation?
Otherwise, do you still have any link that could let me take a look?
Or any way to reproduce in a step-by-step guide or a video recording will be super helpful too.


The website was soft launched and no better search was required. The images disappeared overtime.

We will monitor the issue for now as we have put work arounds in to prevent the issue.

I know this is from quite a few months ago, but just in case anyone coming across this hasn’t found the info on why background images (in some cases) are better done differently :wink: So I thought this might help:

Hey @Noswar97,

as we did not hear back from you I will mark this as a NO BUG for now. Please let us know if you experience further issues.