NO BUG: Header Z index for dropdowns on archive pages

Browser: Brave
OS: macOS
URL: Research – Acume

Only on archive pages - My header drop downs appear behind the archive section, as if the archive page section has been given a higher Z-index (I checked and have not set any Z indexs)

It works fine on every other non-archive page.

Hi Yasmine,
The overflow of the section containing the menu is set to hidden. I can’t tell you exactly where and why, but it will probably be somewhere in the archive template:

Ok, so I found the element ID, and there is nothing set. I do not have any custom CSS on this element.

I also noticed that the issue is not there when I am logged in. There are a couple of other parts that style differently to me logged in versus not logged in?

I am noticing quite a few elements have a hangover from old css. My host, website and browser cache all cleared and so I wonder if this could be same issue. For example.

Not logged in:

I have a background-image on this element. I did a long time ago have a background image, with white icons.

But in my editor, you can see that no styles are applied to this element:

I have quite a few examples like this, although it does not happen everytime.

Check the perfmatters settings/config. All problematic styles are located within perfmatters-used-css. If you remove the whole tag in the dev tools, everything is fine.

CleanShot 2024-06-11 at 09.58.47@2x

Every single one of those issues is solved

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