NO BUG: Featured image missing using Jet Smart Filter

Browser: Chrome 113
OS: Windows

When filtering with JetSmartFilters by price, category, page change, etc. the related image of the product disappears. If I disable lazy loading it works fine, but I’d like to keep this functionality. Any solution?

On the other hand, I have the Brand taxonomy for the products and the filter works but it shows me all the brands and the counter remains at 0.

Thanks for the support!

Haven’t tested exactly the scenario you’re talking about, but try this in the page footer script settings…

document.addEventListener( 'jet-smart-filters/inited', function( initEvent ) {
    'ajaxFilters/updated', function( provider, queryId ) {

     if (typeof bricksLazyLoad == 'function') {

   } );

} );

Thank you very much for your answer!

The code works by enabling lazy load of Bricks! It has solved all the problems.

Thank you very much for the speed! Good job.

Hey David,

thanks a lot for providing the solution. :slight_smile: