NO BUG: Extra Ghost Headings in Pro Slider w/ Interaction/Behaviour enabled to "Loop"

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
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When using the Pro Slider and have Interaction/Behaviour enabled to “Loop”, Pro Slider creates extra slides that have headings ghosted inside loop. See Screenshot.


The Pro Slider is a BricksExtras element, so you’re best to send more info through our support portal at

But just from the screenshot alone - are you sure this is not Bricks v1.8beta?

The reason I ask is because there’s something in Bricks v1.8beta that we’re already aware of, that could be related to this, that we haven’t yet pushed an update out for. But it’s difficult to tell what is happening from just a screenshot. it looks like there’s images that are being lazy loaded, i can’t tell what you mean about the ‘ghost headings’.

I would first check that you’re not running the beta, if you’re not, if you could send the URL to our support, we can take a look at what is going on and how to resolve.

Hi Lowell,
Thanks so much for your report, and welcome to the forum!

The element is a BricksExtras element and we do not provide support for it, as it is a third-party element. Please contact, as David already said, the BricksExtras team. Thanks!

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