NO BUG: Editor shows layout correctly, but incorrect on frontend when block is set with 'a' HTML tag

Browser: Safari
OS: macOS
URL: Staging website

When I add the ‘a’ HTML tag to a block, while it appears correctly in the builder it does not appear correctly in the frontend.

Notice the Image element for Google moves to the right-side middle column on the frontend just by defining the block as an ‘a’ HTML tag. Why does Bricks show it one way while the frontend result is different? Or another way… why is the frontend showing differently than the Bricks Builder editor view?

Hi Dustin,
Probably there is a link inside of your link, which is not allowed in HTML.

In the builder it is displayed correctly because there, the links are not links but divs – otherwise you would not be able to select the element on the canvas.

Best regards,

Ah that’s right, thanks Stefan. I still would appreciate it if Bricks can improve the builder editor to properly display how it should look on the frontend (or in preview mode for example).

This will not work for clickable elements for the reasons already mentioned.

I understand why it doesn’t appear that way in the editor, but should it not show correctly in the preview view? In the preview mode we aren’t selecting elements so a user would expect that to display properly as if it was the front end. After-all, what’s the point of the preview mode if it doesn’t actually reflect the front end properly, is it literally only removing the surrounding editor components and not better reflecting the front end?

You say in the editor they’re divs instead of links which makes sense since you need to click elements in the editor… but in preview mode, why can’t those be changed to links to better reflect the front end view? I just see room for improvement here.