NO BUG: Editor is able to move content around

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS

I created a new editor for WordPress and in Bricks → Builder Access → Editor, it is set to edit content. However, the editor is able to move around the content, which shouldn’t be allowed.

Another issue I am experiencing is with the List Widget. The editor is able to remove everything, but cannot add new custom items or move the existing ones around. This functionality should be similar to that of Elementor because sometimes I want to create specific Widgets where the client should be able to extend them.

Hi Panag,
Thanks so much for your report!

I think the answer to the question of what a user with “edit content” rights can and cannot do is always quite subjective and depends on the project.

There is already a request on the Idea Board (and an internal collection task):

Since your report is not a critical issue, I will add it to the collection task and close it.

As an alternative to builder access, you always have the choice of working with dynamic data, which in my view is much easier for the majority of inexperienced users/customers than having to navigate the builder or become familiar with it in general.

Best regards,