NO BUG: Dynamic data can no longer be read on front-end pages shown in admin

I’ve always used Bricks to build a custom admin dashboard template which I display using a clever technique created by @Sridhar. In this dashboard I display information pulled from ACF custom fields

After installing version 1.9.9 no dynamic data gets rendered on this admin dashboard. It renders fine in the editor, but not on the page when viewed in the admin dashboard when logged in.

Is there a workaround I can employ until this is fixed?

Have you tried cache flush, rerunning code execution, css etc?
I have had the problem on the front-end a few times and the problem was always related to one of the above.

Yes, it’s nothing to do with cache and there’s no code involved, and it’s not a CSS issue—the data is missing from the DOM. It works fine with v.1.9.8.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your report!

What exactly does the “clever technique” look like? Can you provide a link to it?
Then, we might be able to say what the problem is.

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Code sent in private message.

I sent an email to the Bricks support team and provided full details incl. WP admin login to the site where the problem can be seen.

Hi @ainom

Unfortunately, Dynamic tags in Bricks are designed to function on the actual frontend and within the builder only. In the previous versions, dynamic tags were registered everywhere and causing performance issues and unexpected behavior and ruining the WP admin logic on certain plugins.

We identified the root cause and fixed this in 1.9.9

These are the bugs we fixed related to this change:

@Sridhar ,

Kindly check my email to explain in more detailed info from a technical perspective.


The workaround is to use Code element(s).

You mean code elements will render ACF fields on a custom admin dashboard?

Yes, using ACF’s functions like get_field() or WordPress native get_post_meta().

Ah, I see. Bypass Bricks completely then. Thank you!