NO BUG/DUPLICATE: My account builder issues

Browser: Chrome 125
OS: Windows

Hi bricks team,

For the first time I tried the my account builder in bricks, besides the ideas to improve it, I came across 3 things that I want to report.

1- If we use a section in any template like orders, the horizontal scrollbar will appear in the browser, causing problems for both the frontend and the builder. It is understood that there is no need to use the section element here, but the problem would be if someone uses it anyway.

2- If the CSS loading method is in the form of external files, the styles will be delayed on my account pages and will completely affect the user interface. Please watch the video below.

3- I use the notice element in downloads and orders templates. But the default notice are still displayed.

4- Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, but elements like nav nestable don’t detect the active state on WooCommerce endpoints. But the nav menu element detects the active state very well on WooCommerce endpoints.


Hi Hosein,
Thanks so much for your report!

  1. WIP: Bug in creating my account tabs - #2 by timmse
  2. I can’t replicate the issue. Can you provide me with the templates as json files?
  3. This is quite complicated to explain…
    The Woo Notice element will only be used when certain forms in the My Account page are saved (like profile, change password, save addresses, save an order, etc.). For the download endpoint, the message is directly outputted by WooCommerce via the wc_print_notice function. However, you can style the “default” notices via the theme styles so that they look exactly like the notice element.
  4. I can’t replicate it. What did you set as the URL?

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Hi again

2- template-orders-2024-06-11.json - Google Drive
I hope it is useful. Again, please pay attention to the CSS loading method issue.

4- I realized my mistake in raising this issue. But let me put it this way…
In the nav menu element, we have an option to style the current page (active mode). The issue here is how we can have the style of the current page in elements such as text link that are used in nav nestable?

Please see this link. Here, two elements, nav menu and nestable nav menu, are used. The current tab style is well applied to the nav menu element. But it doesn’t work in nav nestable. Is there a solution in this situation?

thank you

#2 Thank you! The problem is caused by the loading order of the styles. Your custom styles are loaded much too late - which is a known problem we are currently working on: DUPLICATE: FOUC/CLS when using a template element - #4 by timmse

#4 There are also settings for active menu items in the nav nestable element.

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Great, thanks for your time❤️