NO BUG: Dual color heading with global class manager

Hi !

In order to have a dual color heading :

  • I added a span onto a word : “my dual color title”

  • and I set a “redtext” class with the global class manager (and I deactivate the css chaining in the Bricks Settings).

Unfortunalty, it doesn’t work, the word is the same color. Any idea how to solve that issue ?

Thanks and gooday !

Hi Clement,
Thanks so much for your report!

Please provide a live link or a screencast showing exactly what you’re doing. Then I can tell you pretty much exactly what the problem is.

Best regards,

Sent you the link by message ! :pray:

Thanks for the link! In Bricks, the classes are only added if they are assigned to an element (performance). In your case, they are not assigned to the element itself, but to the span in it, so they are not showing accordingly, since they are not available.

To ensure that they are always available, you would have to define them in the settings (custom code » custom CSS). This ensures that they are always available.

Ok ! Sounds logic ! I added the code to the style.css. Thanks a lot :pray: