NO BUG: Default Theme Settings for Image Doesn't Work And Shows Irrelevant Options (For Icon)

Browser: Any
OS: Irrelevant

The settings for the Image element in the Theme Styles doesn’t work, in fact they are offering irrelevant options for Icon:

It’s not just a typo, the outputted CSS reffers to .icon as well. This is the code in the theme CSS (which corresponds perfectly to the values entered):

.brxe-image .icon {
	border-top: 10px solid var(--bricks-color-green-text-base); 
	border-bottom: 10px solid var(--bricks-color-green-text-base); 
	border-radius: 50px; 
	background-color: var(--bricks-color-green-medium)

Could you please look into it? Thanks

Hi Petr,
Thanks so much for your report!

I believe there is a misunderstanding: NO BUG: Image settings in theme style references icons? - #2 by timmse

Best regards,

Hi @timmse,

Well, that’s more then confusing…

So, you are telling me, I can setup all the settings for some very special icon appearing on the image with a link, but I cannot set there ANY other settings related to the image itself? For example, I want to have rounded corners for all the images on the web. That’s exactly what I was looking for there, not the icon…

So yes, technically, it’s not a bug but, well, it’s … strange. :wink:

Right :+1:

You can add a super simple CSS style to Bricks » Settings » Custom Code to apply a border radius to every image:

img { border-radius: 16px }

Well, yes I know I can use this code (and I will), but I would expect, this is what was theme settings made for. ;). But OK, I get it now, this is more of a feature request than a bug.