NO BUG: Content disappeared

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows
URL: LocalWP
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  • So, I was trying to setup the SSL using LocalWP because I wanted to copy/paste elements using Bricks. Set the entire DB and Urls to Https and etc. I could not login to my admin page, so I reverted everything back to Http and told myself that I will never be able to copy/paste elements in Bricks using Local. After that, connected to the web site. Everything was normal, Login page, header / footer templates, etc. But when I checked the freaking most important page (Account) which I was working for about two days, the entire content was gone. Just this page, nothing else. It even lost the marking saying it was edit with Bricks. Check below.

Any way to check if I can retrive my progress?

P.S.: It is painful to know that we can’t copy/paste elements without Https.

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Thanks so much for your report!

Several people from our team use localwp incl. SSL - including me - and none of us has problems with it (neither on Windows nor macOS).

I guess something went wrong with your database operations. Adjusting the database manually is unnecessary (from my experience with localwp), so it is hard to say what you did and what led to this problem.

Concrete steps (in the best case, without manually adjusting the database) to reproduce the problem would be very helpful.

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01 - Started LocalWP and clicked the TRUST button
02 - Opened WP, went to settings, changed URL http tp https
03 - Opened Adminer, changed all data through SQL commands with http://mydomain.local to https://mydomain.local
04 - Tried to login into WP with my credentials. On top in the browser I can see I’m logged, but it keeps redirecting me to WP Login page.
05 - I gave up and went to Adminer again and changed all data through SQL commands with https://mydomain.local to http://mydomain.local (also the URL)
06 - Logedin into WP with my credentials, and you have above my video showing the Account page.

If you can also share the steps to make LocalWP work with SSL, I would appreciate. :]

Thank you Timmse.

That you can’t log in with localwp 7.0.1 is a known issue that has already been fixed in the 7.0.2 beta (so they say):

Normally, step 1 and 2 are enough for SSL to work.

Thanks, I’ll take a look later.

And about the content that disappeared? If you need, I can export a copy of the website for you to check.

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As I said, this is probably due to your database operations. We have no other reports that even begin to go in this direction.

If the problem should occur again and you can provide steps to reproduce the problem (without interfering with / changing the database), don’t hesitate to contact us again. Otherwise, it’s a needle in a haystack… :v:

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