NO BUG: Conditions on elements only work when WordPress language is English

Conditions on an element (like a section) to hide/display when certain content being present only works when the WordPress language is set to English.

If another language (like Dutch) is set, the condition does not work, ie. the content is not shown at all.

Hi @handjes,

Could you please share a screenshot of the condition?

But the problem is not the condition but the WordPress language. This condition works fine if WordPress is in English, but not in another language.

Could you please share temporary admin access to with a link to this forum thread so we can investigate further?

@handjes Thank you for providing access. I already shared the response over tickets but I’m just leaving it here in case someone else faced the same issue with ACPT:

So I added a basic text element that outputs the dynamic data tag {acpt_post_kaartverkoop-actief_kaartverkoop-aanuit}. The output was “True” when the site language was in English, but when switching to Dutch it’s “Waar” which leads the condition to always fail.

So if you set the condition to check for “Waar” instead it should now work.

This is a bit tricky, because you will forget this if you change the WordPress language. Better would be if the condition checks for ‘1’ instead of True/Waar/Vrai/Wahr/etc.

The value is from ACPT, not Bricks