NO BUG: Color picker doesn't render inside background color

I have a Metabox color picker field:

I selected the right color inside the CPT itself:

And within a query loop element I want to fetch the color of each single CPT.

Once I click on my color, I have this:

And on the frontend it output the default value that I have in my MB color field, and not the one I selected inside my CPT (the gold one above):

My structure panel looks like this:

It looks like a bug to me, are you aware of this?

use custome attributes :slight_smile:

e or paste code here

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Hi Adrien,
Thanks so much for your report!

This is a known limitation. The problem is that each div gets the same class and, therefore, the same color.

But the workaround mentioned by clickfusion63 is very simple and works perfectly:

Best regards,

Hi Timmse,

Yeah I know the workaround that’s what I had to do in order to retrieve my MetaBox color picker value.
But I wanted to know if the bug is known and if a fix is planned?


We have it at least on the radar, but whether we will find a solution for it in time, I can not say. In principle, each block would have to get its own individual class, in which the individual color is stored.

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Hello @timmse, any news for having a proper solution for this?

No, since the issue is quite complex, because how should the builder know which class is responsible for the dynamic color, and which styles should apply to all divs?

Using inline styles is still a valid way, in my opinion :slight_smile: