NO BUG: Changes/edits to template render on canvas but not on frontend page when template inserted

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS

I have an archive template set up with 4 filter fields using filter select widget. The target query is a basic card with a query loop.

Insert the template into a page and it renders on canvas and frontend ok. However, if I make a change/edit to the template, it renders on the canvas but does not render on the page. If I remove the template from the page then re-insert it, it renders on the front end.

I dug around and saw that the target query has a random text string instead of the card it should be referencing. As per image.

Not using any caching plugins and I have replicated this on 2 different staging sites.

Hi Stuibhart,
Thanks so much for your report!

If you insert the template manually, it no longer has any connection to the template itself, as all element IDs are recreated (an ID may only occur once). Accordingly, the target query ID is no longer correct as the card element ID has changed, too.

Option 1: use conditions to tell the template where it should appear.
Option 2: if it were a section template (type section), you could use the template element so that you can style the template centrally. All changes to the template itself are output within the template element.

Best regards,