NO BUG: Cant click to the fast way icons in container

Version: 1.7.1


You can see in screenshot, cant click the fast buttons, only if i very very very perfect position my cursor to the icon’s top side. Every other scenario use paddings or margins.
It’s like a Z-index problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your report!

Which browser are you using? I cannot reproduce the issue. The z-index of the element actions is 1009, which is super-high. If you’re using anything above, it might interfere…

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I just wrote on the Z-index that something like. :slight_smile:
The visual padding part of the container and the quick icons touch and it is as if the padding “layer” is above the icons. That is, when I move the mouse over the icon, it wants to set the padding value.

However, the very top of the quick icons no longer hangs in it. So if I move the mouse perfectly and precisely to the very top of the icon, I can click on it.

I use Chrome latest version.

As I said, I can’t reproduce it and of course, I can’t say anything concrete based on the screenshot. Would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials and a link to this thread to using the email address you used during the purchase?

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I sent you here in private message.

The issue is caused by Bricks Ultimate. Please reach out to them :slight_smile:

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@bricksultimate are you here? :smiley:

Could you fix this problem in your plugin? :smiley:

@timmse, Thanks your support again!

Thank you for this info. Next version it will fix.

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I released the new version. Please update the plugin and all would be good.

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Yes, it is fixed! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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