NO BUG: Builder messed up

Nombre del tema: Bricks Child Theme
Versión del tema: 1.1
Autor del tema: Bricks
URI del autor del tema:
El tema es un tema hijo:
Nombre del tema principal: Bricks
Versión del tema principal: 1.5.7
crome 107

exit re enter, refreshh, eliminated custom css… nothing worked

Hi Pablo,

I think you should take a look at custom CSS in builder settings or somewhere in templates. Probably you have there a typo which is messing with builder styling.

Removed all custom CSS, and is happening with every template I tried.

Thank you for helping.

Hi Pablo,
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for reaching out!

This is 100% a CSS conflict, either of a plugin or custom CSS. You are probably targeting #bricks-toolbar somewhere.

Best regards,

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It happened suddenly when moving a section above another… , BTW, I nuked that staging and fresh start again.

Thank you very much

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