NO BUG: Bugs on slider nestable

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Hi, I found 2 bugs in the Nestable Slider component.

I’ll briefly describe the structure of the page (which you can still view at the link in question): I have a container with id="id=“cont-corpo” and a nestable slider that does a loop query on a CPT.

I only mentioned the “id=“cont-corpo”” container because I noticed that by setting a Y rotation transformation to -10 for example, the calculation of the Y translation of the component slides is incorrect.

If I set a rotation Y = 0 of “cont-corpo”, the translation of the slide is correct (1000px), while the more I increase the Y rotation value of “cont-corpo”, the more this value goes out of balance…

This is the bug that directly affects me for the component set to type= slide, but I also noticed that the fade parameter of the Nestable Slider component doesn’t work.

It’s an issue/quirk of the slider libary ‘Splide’ itself, it doesn’t work well inside rotated elements due to how it needs to calculates the position of the slides. I’ve reported to the splide dev before.


Hi Paolo,
Thanks so much for your report, and thanks so much for the info, David!

Seems like we can’t do anything about it unfortunately and have to rely on the splide devs.

Best regards,

Does the author still develop it? Is there any chance he can fix it? otherwise I’ll use another route…
From this post it seems it hasn’t been developed for a long time…

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If you definitely need to be using transforms with the entire slider, I would go with swiperJS, it’s a heavier library but it’s made more for this type of thing. Splide is much lighter, but doesn’t cover as many use cases. I don’t see them changing this anytime soon tbh (there was some ideas for Splide v5 on their github, but nothing that covered this).

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I won’t open a new topic because of this.

Did you guys see this? What’s the next step if its really dead? Go back to swiperjs for nestable slider?
@wplit @timmse

As long as there is no official statement from the developer, I see no reason to jump to conclusions. We will keep an eye on it and if it turns out that the project will not be continued, we will deal with it in due course. It’s not as if splidejs stops working overnight :wink:

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