NO BUG: Bricks slider first slide wont load the full image

Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
OS: Windows 11
Video: Jam

Hello I am having a strange issue with the Bricks Slider. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or I am doing something wrong here.

The issue is happening when I open the page. The image on the first slide does not appear fully, and the image caption is also missing. Then after a second or so, or if I go to the second slide the image snaps and appear. I attached two screens. The first one is how it appears and the second one is how it should appear.

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Thanks so much for your report!

Have you been able to solve the problem yet? Everything is displayed correctly for me. The only problem I see is the link on the image:

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Check your repeater to see if you have an empty row. This sounds like what happens when a row accidentally gets added or the data gets deleted. In this case an empty row is still being returned but since there’s no data it just renders blank.

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@timmse I solved the problem by giving it a fade effect with a half second delay.
Yes the link are not there yet.
Maybe @markballard right, and I accidentally updated the custom fields so that might be the issue.
The problem is fixed right now.

Thank you for the help @timmse and @markballard !