NO BUG: Bricks conflict with Woocommerce booking plugin

Hello Community,

Hope you are doing great.

I have moved one client from Themify Theme builder to Bricks and ran into an issue.

Everything worked perfectly except the product page that uses Woocommerce Booking.

See the issue in screencast - Recording #151

Product page url for the issue

Calendar is not loading with bricks.

Any help on this topic highly appreciated.


Looks like the same issue I had here. You need to insert the hook.

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Hello @harryb Thanks for your quick reply and this worked for me. I am still checking multiple options here to be sure. Thanks again.

Hi @jsmtech1987 ,

Based on my email response, it’s necessary for you to insert the template hooks into your Single Product template. This is essential for ensuring compatibility with third-party plugins in WooCommerce.