NO BUG: Bricks adds a white background to my transparent .png

Title says it all. Bricks builder is adding a white background to my uploaded transparent .png. Super annoying - anyone else dealing with this bug?

Hey Jordan,

I have not experienced this. Would you mind sharing a link to a page that has this problem?

Looks like it’s just in the builder and not on the live page. Strange

No, never happened to me and I have quite a few .png.



Hi Jordan,
Thanks so much for your report!

Please provide me with the .png file and tell me, where and when the issue happens (or show and explain it in a quick screencast), so I’m able to see and reproduce the issue.

Best regards,


Was this addressed ? The last update is Feb 3, but I am experiencing this issue. I also have a white background added on one of my .png image.



Hi Philippe,
As you can see, unfortunately, I’ve never received any feedback :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you provide me with a live link where I can see the issue?


Still in development, but you can see the page here: Home – local web solutions



Ok, and which PNG are we talking about? This one? It was saved with a white background and is not transparent.

Weird. I had it on a transparent on my Mac. I probably uploaded the wrong version. Sorry about this. It drove me crazy for a stupid user error…