NO BUG: Background Video not playable on iPhone in Low Power Mode

I have a background video set to auto play.

I am finding it will not auto play on an iPhone if the iPhone has Low Power Mode enabled. In this instance there is a play button shown, but the play button is not clickable.

Here is a link to the page (set your iPhone to Low Power Mode to see the issue): Background Video – Try Bricks – t999d618

Hi Sly,
Thanks so much for your report!

This is a restriction of iOS and not a Bricks bug. There’s nothing we can do about it.
If you google for it you will find countless non-Bricks related reports.

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Thank you @timmse, you are absolutely right.

It might be worth looking into workarounds such as hiding the background video in favor of the set background image when low power mode is enabled. The current workarounds are a bit involved to say the least, but it would make using the built-in background video option that much more viable.

Just to add to this: The solution I propose can be as simple as adding one function to remove the .bricks-background-video-wrapper from the DOM and adding a universal onsuspend to background videos: HTML onsuspend Attribute

Editing to confirm the above solution is not working as intended. I am doing a much more sophisticated check for mobile devices and repeated checks for shadow dom content (play button resulting from video browser suspension) to display: none; or remove the DOMContent.

I would highly appreciate a skilled developer looking at the background video options.