NO BUG: Archives templates not working

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: any

I want to use a template to create the archive for a custom taxonomy (brand) within a custom post type (review) (acfpro - tax named brand - post type named review). Im using permalink manager to set the url to /review/brand/%brand% - default would be /brand/%brand%

Im using this template configuration and within the builder everything looks fine:

But the output is the default wp style - its not using the template:

help please,

Wow i just found the mistake i made - everything was setup correct but one thing i “missclicked” in the beginning and i did not check it - my bad


it was set to section …

so yeah guys make sure to set the correct template type and double check always

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Hey Andre,
Sorry, we have unfortunately overlooked your thread. Glad you found the solution to the problem!