NO BUG: AJAX Pagination doesn't work

I just found out there’s AJAX pagination (I never saw it before because I usually leave the “Query” setting set to the default “Main Query”, which, for some reason, does not show the “Exable AJAX” option.

So I’ve set Query to Post, and enabled AJAX pagination.

However, nothing changes on the front end…clicking different page numbers in the pagination element continues to refresh the page.

How do I make AJAX pagination actually work?

Page is

Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for your report!

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue. Have you already tried the classic debugging steps, deactivating plugins and custom code?

If that doesn’t work either, please send us access data and a link to this thread to

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There was a conflict; I have it (sort of) working now. The biggest issue is that while it loads new posts via AJAX, it leaves the user at the bottom of the list of posts, forcing them to manually scroll back up to the top to see the new posts. Is there any way to have automatically scroll back to the top, or at least have a callback to we can have our own code do this?

I tried adding an event handler on the page navigation click, but as soon as the AJAX loading is complete, the handler is no longer initialized.

This is what you’re looking for:

Yes, perfect. Thanks!