NO BUG: After Enabling & Disabling User Role Editor Admins Can't Edit Templates

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows

Giving Editors “Edit” permissions, I enabled User Role Editor to allow Editors to access other things. But now I have noticed when I log back in as an admin, and edit a Bricks Template, it says “Your builder access level doesn’t allow you modify these settings.”

I have since deleted the User Role Editor plugin and I still can’t edit templates as an administrator… Apparently I still don’t have permissions!

Thanks for your help

Hi Andrew,

I’m not sure what Role Editor does under the hood but if you can share temporary admin access to I can investigate it further. Please make sure to include this forum thread’s URL in the email :slight_smile:

Same here, did you find a solution ?

Same issue here. There seems to be a plugin conflict. Under user role settings you have the option to " Permanently delete all custom user roles and capabilities". That solved the issue for me

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Hi @sebdemb,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Are you running the latest version of Bricks? @creativeart was able to solve it by updating it to the latest version (1.9.6).

I’m not sure what Role Editor Admins is doing under the hood to cause this so I think it’s also worth checking with the plugin developer since this only happens when using the plugin.

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