NO BUG: Adding templates replaces content, with switch turned off

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When adding a second template, it always replaces existing content.
Replace content switch is toggled off.
Templates are set to

Hi todd,
Thanks so much for your report!

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue. Would you be so kind as to provide a screencast using showing and explaining what’s happening?

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You activated the new Advanced Themer feature, that enables the “replace content” every time.

That’s definitely an issue with Advanced Themer - it’s not supposed to act like that. Thanks for bringing the attention on it, it has been fixed for the next release.

Hey @maximebeguin , as far as I can see, there’s no issue with this feature in general.

If it’s enabled, it enables the “replace content” toggle every time, which is the purpose of the setting, isn’t it? It was enabled, which is why the content was replaced every time :smiley:

So I disabled it, so that the content is not replaced every time :v:

Ideally this feature should autoselect the checkbox when the popup opens only - but still allow the users the enable/disable the checkbox once browsing the library. There was conflict that forced the checkbox to be checked even if the user manually unchecked it before importing the template. Newbie mistake :sweat_smile:

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Aaaah, I see! Glad I could help :handshake: