NO BUG: ACF WYSIWYG -> Bricks Richtext -> lose format when using Link Juicer


I struggle with a problem where I can’t say if it’s a Bricks problem or the other side (Link Juicer in this case).

The problem:
I use ACF Flexcontent fields with a WYSIWYG Field. The field is mapped to a richtext field in Bricks.
We saw now that row breaks were ignored in the frontend. The investigation result was that when I use the Link Juicer Plugin (a plugin that sets automatically internal links between sites) the layout breaks.

Any ideas why this happens? Thanks in advance! =)

Hi Sebastian,
Thanks so much for your report!

My guess is that Link Juicer replaces the (dynamic) content completely. The main question is whether this would also be the case outside of Bricks. Could you test this in advance?

It’s about this plugin, right?

Best regards,

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Correct, that’s the one. I will do a test on monday and come back with the results! =)

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Hi @timmse!

It’s not a Bricks fault. :slight_smile: It’s a bug in Link Juicer that will get fixed in one of the next releases.

If someone else has the problem, two different solution before the fix arrive:

" Hi I have investigated the issue and I am able to pinpoint the issue.

It is due to this settings: Screenshot by Lightshot

We will be investigating this issue and will implement a fix for future releases.

For now what I can recommend is turn the option off, or change the content to something like this:

Before: Screenshot by Lightshot

Suggested change: Screenshot by Lightshot This way it is automatically a paragraph and doesn’t rely on line breaks.

Result: Screenshot by Lightshot

Wonderful, that makes me very happy! Thanks for the feedback :handshake: