News Grid Layout with Query

I am struggling big time and need some help. How do I create a layout like this with a query loop for the news stories? The scoreboards will come from SportsPress, so I just need a container for them. I have tried a bunch of different methods, and I can get the layout itself correct with a grid, but I can’t then get the dynamic content in the right areas and formatted correctly. Is there a way to do it without having each news story be it’s own loop with offset?

When doing it I am also having issues with post info populating. Additionally, any time I click on a post, it takes me to the same article, even though the slug is correct. Not sure if this a Bricks bug or I have screwed something up. This is probably a separate thread, but it is making it hard to layout because it just has the “dynamic date is unavailable”

Here is a screenshot of my mock up in Figma. The stories on the right are the same just to save time, but they would all be different posts in the real thing.

That should not be too complicated.
I’m working on a similar layout available here:

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You need 2 sections and a query loop inside each section and then the fields inside the query loop that you want to display.

– section
-— div (query loop)
------ image field (dynamic link to image)
------ heading (dynamic link to post title)
------ basic text (dynamic link to post expert)

Repeat in the 2nd section, but offset the query by 1

Thank you! I was doing the loops incorrectly so that was very helpful just to give me the correct structure.