Newby Here - First Publish of Bricks Page Isn't Happening

Hello, gang.
I just launched into Bricks and first encounter of a problem is that in either the Bricks editor or WP console, I am unable to launch my initial Home page built in Bricks Builder.
The BB instructions given are a little vague to me:
On the page Save & Publish – Bricks Academy
where it states, " Publishing A Page - When an unpublished page (draft) is saved the status does not change by itself. So once your page is ready to be published click the Publish (power) icon in the builder toolbar."
Which builder toolbar am I on to be seeing “Publish(power) icon in the (Bricks Builder?) toolbar”, because I have looked high and low to find the Publish button and cannot find one or I am not on a setting where it shows up by default perhaps. I know that SAVE isn’t it.

Hi Michael, welcome to the Bricks Forum   :heart:

Your question:
Once you have installed and activated the Bricks Builder theme, the first thing to do is to create a new blank page in Wordpress. You save this blank page and publish it. Then, in the same window you can click on “work with bricks” in the top left (yellow button). Only then are you in the Bricks Builder and you can start with edit/create your page. In the Builder on the top right you find the save button (disk symbol) for your work in Bricks Builder.

Have fun   :sunglasses:

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I’m also a Newby. My site is already created and published by a creator that is no longer in the picture. I have learned to make some simple revisions but after saving I cannot find the “Publish” button!