New year, new website

I have this tradition, something I’ve done for many many years and that is to design myself a brand new website for my business.

The version previous to this one was revised 4 times during 2022 using Bricks. Coming from Elementor I had to learn a whole new set of skills and with this latest design, I learned again.

I’m now using global classes, ACSS, SCSS, BEM and so much more. It’s been a massive learning curve for me but I’ve come out the other side feeling a whole lot better.

Anyway, here it is…if you see anything wrong with it or have any questions just let me know…


It’s beautiful and to the point.
I think menu is not accessible right? Hope the new bricks mobile menu builder would solve this.


Great job! :ok_hand: Everything is simple and straightforward. All clients must be yours :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks excellent and it looks like you took onboard all the suggestions Kevin Geary made when reviewing your site design recently.


Accessibility is something I still need to work on and fine-tune, I need to do some more reading.

I took a lot on board and watched that review several times!