Nested query loop and pagination on blog category page is not working

I am having two issues.

  1. I have created a custom post type with the categories. So there are multiple posts in one category. Now I want to show all posts in the same category under one slider and different sliders for the different categories. When I select the query loom of category for a DIV and the second query loop for the slider inside the DIV,. It is creating multiple sliders for different categories. But it is showing the same post for all the sliders. It is showing only the first category post for all the sliders. You can see the result here: Results – Staging Compound.

  2. I enable pagination on the blog page. And it’s working fine on the blog page. but when users click on any categories, it’s not working properly. It shows first-page blogs for all the pages. Food – Staging Compound

Please help me with this to resolve it.


be sure to setup your templating and show conditions properly.

I think your problem is just the templating structure.

Hello Sinanisler,

Thank you very much for your reply mate.

For Query loop issue:-
So, I tried everything on the Query loop. As you can see in this video: Results – Staging Compound, This is my existing setup.

For the Blog category page, pagination is not working issue:-

Can you please look into this and guide me?

Thanks again for your help.