Nestable Tab element with 'Flex' panes

Hi all,

Trying to do something basic but for some reason is causing me some pain.
I am using the standard Nestable tab element, within that element I have query loops running for each tab pane.

If I set the Display of the pane to ‘none’ or ‘block’ the tabs work fine, however, if I change the display of the panes to flex, it doesn’t work?

Is there any reason why this happens, if it’s supposed to be happening is there a way I can display the content of the pane with columns? As I am using the query loop I need it to display the content horizontally.

Yes, tab uses own JS to change between block and none. You shouldn’t change it.
I always put one more div inside the pane and put flex to it, then it works perfectly.

This is exactly what I ended up doing, I was convinced when I added another div inside initially it didn’t work. But tried again the following day and got exactly what I wanted.